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Spiritual Direction

Encouraging the Spiritual Life of Spiritual Leaders

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a process by which one becomes increasingly aware of the action of the Holy Spirit in one’s life. With the aid of a Director, better known as a traveling companion in the spiritual life, a person can recognize the call of God to a more intimate relationship and how one can respond to that call.

A Spiritual Director is not a “guru” handing out wisdom and knowledge. Rather, a Spiritual Director acknowledges the ongoing relationship between God and the one being directed. The Spiritual Director and the “directee” prayerful discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in his or her life. Thus, one needs to be candid and frank with one’s Spiritual Director and should choose a Director with whom the “directee” can be comfortable, open and at ease. It’s a good idea to prayerfully “shop around” before deciding who to choose as a Spiritual Director.

Julie Johnson has practiced the “art” of spiritual direction for more than fifteen years. She has been taught by the Holy Spirit through participating in her own direction, teaching workshops and classes on Spiritual Direction and completing and Academic Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Julie believes that God has created each person unique and beloved. She knows the history of various practices of prayer and spirituality that come from the Scriptures. She is schooled in holy listening, Christian discernment, scripture meditation as well as the various streams of Christian tradition and experience.

The one seeking spiritual direction generally meets with his/her Spiritual Director on a regular basis- generally every 4-6 weeks. Each meeting is generally one hour usually beginning in silence and ending in prayer. The Directee’s meeting with the Spiritual Director consists of sharing his or her life experiences in ordinary daily life, their devotional life, or in a particular life decision or crisis—listening for God wisdom and guidance.

One may also participate in a group for spiritual direction. Julie Johnson is an excellent small group leader. She is experienced in many forms of group spiritual direction: Lectio Divina, Quaker Clearness Committee, “All for One”, “One for All”, Centering Prayer, The Artist Way, Discernment and Discovery Groups, Lectio and Meditation with the Spiritual Classics or Contemporary Sacred Reading, and more.

If you are looking for a spiritual companion or a guide to walk with through a difficult time or an important decision, than spiritual direction may be for you. Email Julie at for more information or to schedule a free inquiry appointment.

Customary Fees:
Individual $60-$90 negotiable/60 min. session
Group $15/person/ 75 min. session (Group size: min.4 persons, maximum 8 persons)